The BPO Industry Employees’ Network or BIEN is an independent network of employees, by the employees, and for the employees of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines. It aims to promote BPO employees’ rights and welfare.

The founding of BIEN seemed like a natural occurrence. From after-shift discussions over coffee, online conversations and meetings, BIEN evolved into a network that would bring BPO employees together in safeguarding employees’ rights and welfare. While it remains an excellent venue to meet new people, interact socially, and provide a forum for discussions, BIEN seeks to be an organization where BPO employees can come together and discuss issues and launch drives for the betterment of the employees and the industry.

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  1. I need assistance. I had an accident recently and had a medical certificate valid for 3 days. I had a sprained ankle when I slipped down the stairs. Pain still persists after 3 days but doctor who examined me went on leave so I was not able to acquire an extension. Due to the muscle relaxant I was taking, I was feeling dizzy most of the times. I was unable to notify our office for 3 more days that I can’t come for work. I received a return to work order which I responded to immediately and I was advised of an HR hearing via webex for December 15,2021 at 9pm. I was online since 8:48pm last night but HR wasn’t responding. I immediately notified our operations manager who advised me that hearing will be rescheduled on December 20,2021. I understand that it was a neglect on my part that I didn’t notify them that I can’t come for work for 3 more days. But is it right for them not to release my 13th month pay. Along with that. My salary was held too. Please help me with the best step I should take to resolve this. Thank you.


  2. Help po more than two years na po ako sa concentrix at may anak pa ako nagkasakit at na confine hinahanapan lng ako butas na personal agenda balak pa ako patangalin sa trbaho samantalang lahat kami ay may markdown saakin lng po ako tinutukan at hinaharas ng repeat fail at threat na pattangalin po ako sa end ng ngaun bwan


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