Justice for the 37 SSI workers – BIEN

Candle lighting held by BPO Industry Employees Network last Christmas in front of Exportbank Plaza in Makati to mourn the 37 SSI workers who died in the fire in NCCC Mall in Davao City.

“Who shall be accountable for the deaths?”

This was the question raised by Mylene Cabalona, Spokesperson of the BPO Industry Employees Network, during the candle lighting activity held last December 25 as the group mourned the death of at least 37 employees of Survey Sampling International (SSI) after the NCCC Mall in Maa, Davao City burned to ashes on December 23.  Continue reading “Justice for the 37 SSI workers – BIEN”


BIEN calls for thorough investigation of NCCC fire incident, justice for victims


Photo grabbed from Rappler website: https://www.rappler.com/nation/192131-davao-city-nccc-mall-fire-death-toll 


The BPO Industry Employees Network mourns and grieves with the families and friends of the 37 victims of a fire that burned down NCCC mall in Maa Davao City, yesterday, 23 December. Most of the victims are employees of Survey Sampling International (SSI), a BPO company whose site is in the 4th floor of the said commercial establishment. The timing is doubly unfortunate as it happened during the holidays, when families are supposed to come together and celebrate. The pain of losing a loved one in such a tragic death is simple unimaginable.

Reports from mainstream media provided little detail of what actually transpired in the fire and how come 37 people were unable to evacuate if the building has indeed complied with fire safety precautions. Concerned individuals posted in social media alleged reports that the building had locked out fire exits, no fire drills and that the building was made of sub-standard materials. But the mere fact that scores of employees were trapped in a building during a fire already raises much suspicion to the BPO company’s compliance with occupational safety standards—such as early warning system and prompt evacuation as well as adequate and accessible emergency exits. Thus, BIEN calls for an immediate, independent and thorough investigation of the fire and the tragic death of our many colleagues.

Ultimately, we demand justice and accountability for this yet another tragedy that afflicted workers and their families. We have seen too many similar man-made disasters to our fellow workers in the Philippines alone—Kentex fire in 2015 and HTI fire earlier this 2017 to name a few. What happened in SSI in Davao only shows that even workers in the so-called “sunshine industry” are not free from fatal work hazards. Rather, this gloomy incident only brings attention to the government to look into every BPO company’s compliance with occupational health and safety standards. Justice must be served to the victims and those accountable must be penalized so as to avoid future workplace deaths.#


Statement of Solidarity and Support for Sitel workers (from First Union and E tū, New Zealand)

Solidarity greetings from E tū and FIRST Union, New Zealand.

We are the two largest private sector unions in NZ covering 54,000  and 27,000 members respectively.

We both organise workers in call centres and BPOs and E tū is the union for Sitel workers in New Zealand.

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