BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte

The BPO Industry Employees Network joined the Filipino workers and the Filipino people on last Monday’s (July 23) United People’s SONA amid various attacks on workers right to job security and living wage as well as intensifying trade union rights and human rights violations two years into the Duterte government.

The Duterte administration has yet to prove it can protect workers’ right to security of tenure. On the contrary, workers face a ‘massacre of jobs’ with the widespread dismissals—both ongoing and looming—in the country’s sunshine industry. In Alorica-West, hundreds of workers have been dismissed and more were forced to resign after the company implemented restrictive attendance and performance policies (See related story) early this year. Floating or redeployment (which in essence is long-term forced unpaid leaves) during client pull-out also continues in many BPO companies.

With the ongoing shift to automation and digitization, these attacks that annihilate our jobs can intensify even more. The acquisition of Convergys by Synnex (Concentrix) which will take full effect in the beginning of 2019 is a concrete manifestation of this shift prompted by telecommunication clients based in the United States. Continue reading “BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte”


BIEN calls on call center workers to support Alorica workers’ CBA bid

The BPO Industry Employees Network expresses support to the Unified Employees of Alorica’s (UEA) bid for collective bargaining agreement at the same time called on call center workers to unite behind the first CBA of workers in the country’s “sunshine industry.”

I am“In many respects, the problems faced by call center workers in Alorica embody the numerous labor rights violations endured by every BPO worker in the country such as attacks on security of tenure through point system, unattainable scorecards, and redeployment cum floating to name a few. The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) pushed by Alorica workers is a bid to end many of these oppressive and exploitative policies in Alorica which can eventually lead to more CBAs in other BPO companies,” Rico Hababag, Secretary General of BPO Industry Employees Network said.

On July 13, UEA submitted its CBA proposal to Alorica-West management. The law provides that management should respond within 10 days. The submitted CBA proposal addresses many job security issues faced by Alorica workers (See related article). The CBA also included provisions on annual appraisal, higher benefits, guarantee of job security even during client pull-out, union consent to changes in policies and scorecards as well as access to service contracts between vendor and clients. Continue reading “BIEN calls on call center workers to support Alorica workers’ CBA bid”

Union in Alorica demands scrapping of oppressive company policies causing unjust dismissals

#BlackFridayProtest Call center workers organized under the Unified Employees of Alorica or UEA and the BPO Industry Employees Network held a #BlackFridayProtest on July 6 in front of Exportbank Plaza in Makati to demand Alorica-West management to scrap anti-worker policies namely the 8-pt system policy and the employment development program (EDP) which proved to be oppressive by directly attacking workers job security.

The abovementioned policies implemented early this year by the Alorica-West management has resulted in unjust dismissal of numerous employees. In the last month, the union estimates that at least one to two regular employees every day are being sent to administrative hearings, oftentimes leading to dismissal, because of these new policies.

The 8-point system policy is similar to a sanction scheme wherein agents incur points for absences or tardiness even if such are committed with valid reasons (i.e. illness with medical certificate). An employee is highly at risk of losing his/her job immediately once s/he reaches 8-points within a specific period. Continue reading “Union in Alorica demands scrapping of oppressive company policies causing unjust dismissals”