BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte

The BPO Industry Employees Network joined the Filipino workers and the Filipino people on last Monday’s (July 23) United People’s SONA amid various attacks on workers right to job security and living wage as well as intensifying trade union rights and human rights violations two years into the Duterte government.

The Duterte administration has yet to prove it can protect workers’ right to security of tenure. On the contrary, workers face a ‘massacre of jobs’ with the widespread dismissals—both ongoing and looming—in the country’s sunshine industry. In Alorica-West, hundreds of workers have been dismissed and more were forced to resign after the company implemented restrictive attendance and performance policies (See related story) early this year. Floating or redeployment (which in essence is long-term forced unpaid leaves) during client pull-out also continues in many BPO companies.

With the ongoing shift to automation and digitization, these attacks that annihilate our jobs can intensify even more. The acquisition of Convergys by Synnex (Concentrix) which will take full effect in the beginning of 2019 is a concrete manifestation of this shift prompted by telecommunication clients based in the United States. Continue reading “BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte”


On Duterte’s second SONA, BPO workers say no to Martial Law

The BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) Philippines firmly opposed martial law and condemned the extension of Martial Law declaration until end of December 2017 as approved by Congress last July 22.

“What transpired in the joint session was a total sell out of democracy,” according to Mylene Cabalona, BIEN spokesperson, “when an overwhelming number of members of the Congress voted to extend Martial Law in Mindanao even as the reports provided by the security cluster of the President could not stand on its own to establish factual basis.”

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Duterte government urged to protect BPO workers too

The BPO Industry Employees Network or BIEN urged the Duterte administration to also protect BPO workers’ rights, following an earlier statement of Malacanang that it will protect the industry amid fears of adverse repercussion for business caused by a series of tirades made by the President against the United States.

“We hope that when Malacanang says, the government will protect the BPO sector it includes the improvement of working conditions and enjoyment of rights of BPO employees and not just the interest of companies,” Mike Concepcion, BIEN Coordinator said.

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