BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte

The BPO Industry Employees Network joined the Filipino workers and the Filipino people on last Monday’s (July 23) United People’s SONA amid various attacks on workers right to job security and living wage as well as intensifying trade union rights and human rights violations two years into the Duterte government.

The Duterte administration has yet to prove it can protect workers’ right to security of tenure. On the contrary, workers face a ‘massacre of jobs’ with the widespread dismissals—both ongoing and looming—in the country’s sunshine industry. In Alorica-West, hundreds of workers have been dismissed and more were forced to resign after the company implemented restrictive attendance and performance policies (See related story) early this year. Floating or redeployment (which in essence is long-term forced unpaid leaves) during client pull-out also continues in many BPO companies.

With the ongoing shift to automation and digitization, these attacks that annihilate our jobs can intensify even more. The acquisition of Convergys by Synnex (Concentrix) which will take full effect in the beginning of 2019 is a concrete manifestation of this shift prompted by telecommunication clients based in the United States. Continue reading “BPO workers denounce, fight ‘massacre of jobs’ under Duterte”


BIEN denounces harassment of labor group leaders by SITEL management

The BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) denounces the harassment done by the management of Sitel Philippines on members of the newly formed Sitel Philippines Association of Rank and File (SPARK) Workers leaders and BIEN members Mr. Vicente Toca and Mr. Paulo Mendez following SPARK’s press conference last June 21 which exposed the potential displacement of over 1000 employees in Sitel as a result of closure of several accounts.

On June 24 Mr. Toca, spokesperson of SPARK Workers was summoned by Sitel Philippines Corporation’s Vice President Michael dela Peña and the Senior Director for Partners Communications Christine Matriano. The company officials pressed Mr. Tocafor information about how and from whom they got the figure that about 1,000 workers would be affected by the pull out of accounts. Sitel officials also accused Mr. Toca of violating the company’s Global Media Policy for speaking out in the media without approval from the corporate Communications Department.

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BIEN decries looming displacement of over 1,000 agents in Baguio

The BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) decried the looming displacement of over a thousand employees in Sitel Baguio reportedly due to pull-out of major clients of the said BPO site.

“BPO companies should uphold workers right to security of tenure and ensure that workers affected by their client’s pull out will be not displaced. Affected workers, especially regular employees, should not be assigned to floating status with no pay,” Mylene Cabalona, BIEN Spokesperson said.

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