BIEN takes on fight for wage hike, social protection

A few days before May 1, the BPO Industry Employees Network took on the fight to raise the minimum wage and enforce better social protection for Filipino workers.

On April 26, together with Kilos na Manggagawa (KnM) and Metal Workers Alliance of the Philippines (MWAP), BIEN filed a petition for a minimum wage increase of P213 pesos before the NCR-Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board to raise the current minimum wage from P537 to P750.

The group said that raising the minimum wage will definitely benefit BPO workers who are bearing the brunt of rising prices of basic commodities because of the TRAIN Law.

The group cited in its petition that about 3.1% or more than 17,000 BPO workers are paid the exact minimum wage. In Metro Manila, this amount is equivalent to P537 a day, which is far below the family living wage of P1,004 / day for a family of five members. Continue reading “BIEN takes on fight for wage hike, social protection”


AT&T workers, Filipino groups in US held protest in support of call center workers union in PH

AT&T workers and members of CWA, the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), and Filipino activist groups Migrante and Bayan-USA held protests in San Francisco and Los Angeles California on April 24 in support of Unified Employees of Alorica (UEA) and Filipino call center workers. (Watch videos of protests here and here)

The groups called on AT&T to put pressure on its Irvine-based vendor Alorica to end union-busting and start engaging in meaningful dialogue. (Read press release from organizers here)

CWA, APALA and Filipino activists group protested on April 24 in front of AT&T store in San Francisco California, calling on AT&T and its vendor, Alorica to respect workers’ rights in the Philippines

On 2018, Alorica terminated scores of union members and UEA officials which led to the filing of Notice of Strike by UEA last September 2018. In the height of the campaign, Alorica also filed trumped up charges against officers of UEA and the BPO Industry Employees Network. Continue reading “AT&T workers, Filipino groups in US held protest in support of call center workers union in PH”

Business as usual during earthquake is illegal, inhumane

The BPO Industry Employees’ Network (BIEN) calls the attention of BPO companies to ensure that workers’ lives and safety are top priority after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake jolted Central Luzon and Metro Manila around 5PM of April 22, 2019.

BIEN reminds industry players to adhere to occupational guidelines in times of natural disasters to keep workers safe.

We are shocked and appalled upon receiving reports from BPO workers themselves that their companies did not evacuate them during the earthquake. Keeping business as usual in the midst of this life-threatening situation is not only illegal; it is utterly inhumane.

business as usual during earthquake
6.1 magnitude earthquake in Luzon leaves call center site in Pampanga disarray, with heavy damages to facilities and equipment.

We call on the government to enforce the new occupational safety and health standards Continue reading “Business as usual during earthquake is illegal, inhumane”