BPO workers unite in #OneVoice to #FightBack for workers’ rights on the 1st National Summit

20 April 2018 

The BPO Industry Employees’ Network (BIEN), the national organization of BPO employees in the Philippines held the historic BPO Employees National Summit last Sunday, April 15, 2018 at Occupational Safety and Health Center Auditorium, Quezon City.

“The list of firsts for BIEN keeps on going. As the only industry-wide association with footprints to regions where BPO employees are concentrated, BIEN has reached another milestone in organizing the very first BPO Employees National Summit 2018,” Myelene Cabalona said, the newly-elected National President of BIEN in its recently concluded 3rd General Assembly.

Cabalona noted that the National Summit aimed at gathering BPO employees from different parts of the country. During the Summit,  BPO employees exchanged information about the different issues they face, developed a BPO Workers’ Action Plan to boost campaigns and advocacies; and strengthened capacity for the promotion of rights and welfare.

BIEN formulated the theme:”One voice, one industry. BPO workers unite!” for the National Summit as a reflection to the call of times for BPO employees to band together with one voice.

“The time has come to eliminate the notion that we are voiceless. We are voiceless no more in this voice-based industry. In the summit, we raised our collective voice to stop the massacre of our jobs in the form of the neoliberal attacks to rights, jobs and wages.” Cabalona pointed.

“Jobs in the BPO industry had become precarious and the nature of work is more toxic than ever. The main culprit of all the issues we are facing today as employees is the self-regulation mechanism set up by BPO industry players. The harsh realities in the workplaces should be exposed as oppose to the first class jobs enjoyed by employees promoted by industry players.” Cabalona mentioned.

“Under these circumstances, the time has come for the BPO employees to foster greater unity against the constant and blatant attacks to our job security, wages and rights. BIEN heeds to the call of times — We must unite and fight back!” Cabalona ended.

A BPO Workers Action Plan to advance workers rights was among the highlight of the activity.  The National Summit was supported by the National Anti Poverty Commission and in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment.#


Baguio BPO workers Speak Up on labor rights issues 

BPO WORKERS HELD a Speak Up! workshop sponsored by the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) in partnership with the BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) yesterday, March 4 at City Light Hotel in Baguio City. They discussed current issues faced by BPO workers particularly on wages, job security and labor rights.

The workshop, participated by about 20 BPO workers working in different call center companies in Baguio City, provided venue for the workers to share their issues at the workplace and formulate recommendations on how these issues will be addressed.  Continue reading “Baguio BPO workers Speak Up on labor rights issues “

Tax reform brings more burden than relief – BIEN

TWO MONTHS INTO the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, the BPO Industry Employees Network lamented that the tax reform only brought more burden than relief to Filipinos including those working in the BPO Industry.

The TRAIN law which took effect on January 1, 2018 simplified the tax table and tax rates. The most popular part of the law is the reduction of the personal income tax.

“The government is all praise to this new tax scheme but at best, TRAIN is a run-of-the-mill but and for many, it is more burdensome. In the last two months, many BPO workers indeed had higher take-home pay; however, this is tailed off because of the rising cost of basic goods, commodities and utilities. We did not feel its benefits and the supposedly positive impact remained unfelt,” Mylene Cabalona, BIEN Spokesperson said. Continue reading “Tax reform brings more burden than relief – BIEN”