On International Labor Day, BPO workers unite against neoliberal attack on labor!

On the occasion of the International Labor Day, workers under the banner of BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) stand up against neoliberal attack on labor. Neoliberal policies have caused much misery to the workers by pressing down wages, destroying regular jobs and attacking workers’ rights and freedoms.

The experience of workers in the BPO sector in the Philippines is a glaring example. After more than a decade of relentless growth and expansion of BPO companies have gone down to near -poverty levels. The illusion og high-pay quickly disappeared as BPO companies nowadays would offer as low as P12,500 a month in Metro Manila and less than P10,000 a month hubs outside the country’s capital far below than the P33,000 monthly family wage.

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BPO Industry Employees’ Network Statement on International Women’s Day

BIEN Philippines joins millions of women across the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. We unite with the working women in the country in the fight against neoliberal attack on wages that intensify exploitation of women by driving down wages through poverty and regionalized wage rates, contractualization as well as curtailment of the right to form a union. We also rally to stop discrimination and violence against women in the workplace.

The BPO sector in the Philippines has grown continuously in the last decade while BPO workers experience deteriorating wages. The BPO industry’s projected revenue in 2016 is $22.9 billion but many BPO employees receive wages below the family living wage of P1,116 a day, even lower than P10,000 a month in the regions.

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BPO workers rise vs discrimination on women, union

The BPO Industry Employees Network and the United Employees of Alorica rise against workplace discrimination against women employees and union in a “One Billion Rising” event held this morning 530AM, March 3 in front of Alorica in Export Bank site. The event was held in cooperation with Gabriela national alliance of women as the groups condemn Alorica’s pregnancy waiver policy and continuing non-recognition of the employees union.

UEA union president, Sarah Prestoza said, “We reject Alorica’s recent action demanding female employees to sign a pregnancy waiver which relieves the company of any responsibility to any employee in case of pregnancy. We strongly condemn the pressure put on by the management women employees to either sign the waiver or resign. This is simply unacceptable.”

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