BIEN urges electoral candidates to support a BPO labor agenda

The BPO Industry Employees Network urged candidates this coming election to include BPO workers in their platforms and increase protection of BPO workers’ rights in the midst of persisting unfair labor practices in the BPO industry.

Mylene Cabalona, BIEN National President said, “BPO workers are exposed to numerous labor rights violations because of many unfair labor practices and abuse of management prerogative. This is partly because of the many gaps or ambiguity in current labor policies and legislation when applied to the nature of work in the BPO industry.”

The group cited floating while hiring,” “systematic attrition”, deferred breaks, unfair attendance policies, unreachable metrics and multiple job assignments as among these unfair and inhumane labor practices which need to be addressed by new policies and legislation.

Attacks on workers’ rights may be exacerbated by the shift to automation and digitization if current BPO labor concerns are not addressed, the group warned. Continue reading “BIEN urges electoral candidates to support a BPO labor agenda”


BIEN calls on call center workers to support Alorica workers’ CBA bid

The BPO Industry Employees Network expresses support to the Unified Employees of Alorica’s (UEA) bid for collective bargaining agreement at the same time called on call center workers to unite behind the first CBA of workers in the country’s “sunshine industry.”

I am“In many respects, the problems faced by call center workers in Alorica embody the numerous labor rights violations endured by every BPO worker in the country such as attacks on security of tenure through point system, unattainable scorecards, and redeployment cum floating to name a few. The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) pushed by Alorica workers is a bid to end many of these oppressive and exploitative policies in Alorica which can eventually lead to more CBAs in other BPO companies,” Rico Hababag, Secretary General of BPO Industry Employees Network said.

On July 13, UEA submitted its CBA proposal to Alorica-West management. The law provides that management should respond within 10 days. The submitted CBA proposal addresses many job security issues faced by Alorica workers (See related article). The CBA also included provisions on annual appraisal, higher benefits, guarantee of job security even during client pull-out, union consent to changes in policies and scorecards as well as access to service contracts between vendor and clients. Continue reading “BIEN calls on call center workers to support Alorica workers’ CBA bid”

Statement on the Commemoration of the International Workers Memorial Day 2018

The BPO Industry Employees’ Network (BIEN), the national and industry-wide network of workers in the business process outsourcing in the Philippines, joins the Filipino workers and the workers of the world in commemorating the International Workers’ Memorial Day today, April 28, 2018.

BIEN expresses solidarity with all workers who constantly face attacks on their wages, jobs, and rights due to neoliberal globalization. We mourn and grieve as we remember tens and thousands of workers who have fallen victims to workplace tragedies primarily as a result of capitalist drive for profit and lax government regulations to protect workers’ life at work. Continue reading “Statement on the Commemoration of the International Workers Memorial Day 2018”