“We are ashamed that Alorica is an American company” – CWA

Christopher Shelton, International President of CWA strongly express solidarity with BPO workers in the Philippines and the Unified Employees of Alorica.
“We will stand with you when your fight with Alorica has to take to the streets. We are ashamed that Alorica is an American company because of what they are doing to you. We will make sure that we will do everything that we can to make sure that your struggle is victorious.”

Workers of AT&T supports UEA bid to fight union busting

“Solidarity is key. United we stand, and divided we beg.”

Sharita Bryant of Communication Workers of America expresses support to UEA and shares how through fighting back, their union in AT&T Mobility clinched changes to attendance policy and improved workers situation.

CWA Statement on Tragic Fire at Philippine Call Center


The Communications Workers of America (CWA) expresses its solidarity and condolences to the families of the 37 workers who perished in the December 23 fire in the Research Now SSI call center in Davao, Philippines.

We join the families and Filipino labor organizations in their demands for a rigorous and transparent investigation into any possible safety lapses that may have contributed to the loss of life. We call on the government agencies to hold Research Now SSI, and the New City Commercial Center (NCCC) where the call center is located, responsible for any failings that may be identified in the investigation.

CWA has historically condemned aggressive off-shoring of call center work by U.S. companies in pursuit of low-wage labor, tax incentives, and lax legal requirements. The Research Now SSI tragedy is the outcome of exploitation of a workforce living in poverty, forced by economic necessity to work in conditions that led to death.

No worker should go to work to die.


CWA represents about 700,000 working people in telecommunications, media and broadcast, airlines, public service and manufacturing.