BPO workers group condemns criminal raps vs. BIEN, UEA officers

The BPO Industry Employees Network strongly condemns the filing of criminal charges by Alorica management against its officers and those of the Unified Employees of Alorica (UEA).

On November 14, two officers of UEA received subpoenas for charges of “alarms and scandals” and “malicious mischief” filed by the Alorica management before the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office against 12 individuals including BIEN President Mylene Cabalona, Secretary General Rico Hababag and UEA President Sarah Prestoza. The charges cited a protest action held sometime in September in one of their sites in Makati City.

Aside from this, a union officer who was already illegally dismissed by Alorica received a subpeona on charges of online libel by one of the HR officers of Alorica. Such charges were filed two months after the UEA filed a notice of strike and following failed negotiations between the union and the management.

We vehemently condemn and deny these criminal allegations hurled by Alorica management against our leaders. Such is a desperate move by Alorica to silence the union and independent groups of BPO workers as we exercise our right to freely organize and express legitimate demands. It is maliciously aimed at intimidating the union and coerce it to withdraw its notice of strike based on union busting efforts by the Alorica management.

BIEN since its inception in 2011 has been resolute in advancing, defending, and fighting for BPO workers’ rights, including the right to freedom of association which is being gravely violated, suppressed and undermined by many BPO companies most especially Alorica. The struggle of Alorica workers, particularly UEA, is the struggle of every BPO worker to gain voice and reclaim our right to freedom of association and improve our working conditions.

This recent attack by Alorica to organized BPO workers just proves how anti-worker this company can be and how it lives to its reputation as the No.1 labor rights violator in the BPO industry in the country. Instead of taking pride to be the first BPO company to recognize a union, it is the top union buster in the sunshine industry.

In the midst of these slew of attacks, we stand firm defending BPO workers’ rights and democratic interests. Union organizing is a RIGHT, not a crime. Stop trade union repression in the BPO Industry. Stop union busting in Alorica! BPO Workers Unionize Now!#


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