BIEN to Alorica: Stop union harassment, union-busting!

The BPO Industry Employees Network strongly denounces the ongoing union harassment and union busting by the Alorica and West Contact Services, Inc. management against the Unified Employees of Alorica (UEA) done through arbitrary dismissals, refusal of due process and threats of lawsuit against union officers and members.

BIEN reiterates that it is every worker, including those in the BPO industry, right to form unions and engage in union activities. Contrary to their claims, Alorica management has been violating and denying this right of workers in Alorica. And very recently, Alorica management has been engaging in union busting measures.

Since Unified Employees of Alorica was formed in 2015, Alorica and West Contact Services Inc. management has repeatedly filed cases to cancel the union registration of UEA; and they repeatedly failed. This year, Alorica (West) imposed new attendance and performance policies that systematically attacked not only workers’ rights to job security but also the workers right to union by trying to get rid of tenured agents who are union members.

As union’s local campaign for job security heightened, Alorica did vile measures to further suppress the union and workers who are engaging in union activities. Last July, one of the union’s point of contact (POC) officers was terminated primarily for giving out union-related materials (flyers) to workers. In the last two weeks, more active union members and officers faced termination for unjust reasons. Many have also been subjected to administrative hearings based on the newly-imposed attendance point system. During administrative hearings, Alorica management refused workers’ right to representation by a paralegal or union officer.

UEA has been seeking social dialogue with the management of Alorica in order to address the problems of workers and ink an agreement. But instead of addressing the problems of workers by engaging the union, Alorica management accused the UEA of harassing the management (sic) and threatened the union with lawsuits. BIEN vehemently condemns this hostile threat of Alorica management. It is clearly a desperate move of Alorica to quell the workers’ legitimate demands for job security and union recognition.

Alorica’s anti-union practices are but a reflection of the overall anti-union position and policy of other BPO companies and the entire IBPAP. But BPO workers will not falter. BIEN will continuously assert BPO workers’ rights, legitimate demands and interests. We support UEA in their fight for union recognition and we summon on all BPO workers to heed the same calls.

Union organizing is a right.

Stop union harassment! Stop union busting in Alorica!

Recognize UEA Now! BPO workers unionize now!



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