Murder of another call center agent in Cebu cause for alarm – BIEN

The BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) expressed alarm and concern over the murder of Irene Adolfo, a call center agent last July 10 reportedly on her way to withdraw her salary in an ATM.

“We are alarmed with this yet another violent crime committed against a call center agent. We demand justice for Irene and other call center agents like Eleanor Gonzales who have fallen victims to crimes,” Mylene Cabalona said.

Eleanor Gonzales is another call center agent who became a victim of robbery and killing on her way to work last January 2017.

Mylene Cabalona of BIEN speaks in a picket protest of Gabriela crying for justice for Irene Adolfo.

BPO workers face high risks in going to and from work during wee hours and yet there are no protection provided to BPO employees who work graveyard, the group explained.

“BPO companies and the government should at least protect workers from these hazards as a result of the nature of work in call centers so as to avoid similar incidents in the future,” Cabalona said.

The group added that these kinds of risks are ultimately rooted to neoliberal policies that promote flexible work and push workers into vulnerable, even life-threatening situations. “This is the irony with the growth in the BPO industry. The government and companies hail the revenues and employment generated by BPO expansion but workers’ rights, safety and interests are hardly protected and upheld,” Cabalona averred.#


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